What are the advantages of LED light? Led light bulbs

led light bulbsThe main advantages of LED lights are compactness, high luminous efficiency, durability and low power consumption.

Due to the high luminous efficiency LED lights, light beams and light bars are much smaller in size bulbs than their halogen predecessors. Here an advantage of LED lights is weighty and obvious. For example, equal to the size LED lamp can replace 3-4 halogen lamps for light flux.

Claimed life of the LEDs in the headlights is 30,000 hours, while the service life of halogen lamps 100-500 hours, xenon – 3000 hours.

Low power consumption of LED lights bulbs reduces the load on the vehicle electric system, increase the service life of its parts, as well as to connect additional consumers without having to replace the generator.

Luminous flux of LED lights (light bars, beam) is measured in lumens and is the main quality characteristics show “brightness” lights. To understand how effective is LED light bulbs compared to halogen – we give an example. The luminous flux of halogen headlamps with H3 55W lamp is approximately 1100-1300 lumens. Based on these data, you can evaluate the efficiency of LED optics in comparison with its halogen counterparts.